Douglas County Blues

Douglas County Jail BluesDouglas County Blues,  edited by Brian Daldorph

ASIN: B008A8OTJM, 8.8″ x 5.9,” $9.00




Twenty-six inmates at Douglas County Correctional Facility have contributed poems to this anthology. The works emerged from Brian Daldorph’s Creative Writing class, originally set up by Kirk Branch and Anna Neill. Brian, with the support of Programs Director Mike Caron, has led the class for more than ten years, encouraging the students to discover what truly matters in their lives through their poetry. Featured poets include Larry Chapman, Chopper, Danegrus Dane, Deuce, D. Douglas, Tyrone Edwards, James Evans, fixico, Donndilla Da Great, Michael Harper, headly, Bobby Hickman, Gary Holmes, Jesse James, Jae Wae, MB, Ishtia maza, Natron, Sean Reese, Brian Steele, Zach Taylor, Tennessee, Vogue Rogue, the Watcher, Ronald Zahorik, and James.