Foggy Bottoms

Foggy Bottoms

Foggy Bottoms: Poems About Myths and Legends. Gary Lechliter, 2008.

ISBN-13: 978-0-9795844-2-6. 6″ x 9″, $10.




Since time immemorial myths have given life wider meaning and helped us to greater understanding of life’s mysteries. Gary Lechliter mines this rich ore with compassion, intelligence, elegance, and humor.    ~ Victor Contowski, Author of six books of poetry and three books of Polish translations.

In the haunting parallel universe recreated in Gary Lechliter’s stunning new collection Foggy Bottoms, characters from our dreams and myths maneuver through a landscape of byways and back-roads at once strange, yet oddly familiar. Like us, they struggle for identity and redemption, their search for meaning, like ours, takes place in a world often “lost in the fog of madness.”    ~ Thomas Reynolds, Author of Ghost Town Almanac.

Gary Lechliter is a master storyteller. He mines the bars, backroads, and cemeteries of the Midwest Plains area fro characters. Then he adds a touch of the supernatural – ghost stories, folklore – and spins tales that sound like urban legends. Except they are most likely true. This poet reveals stories about the human condition that need to be told and re-told. This collection by an experienced, solid craftsman is not to be missed.    ~ Denise Low, Poet Laureate of Kansas.