Coal City Review welcomes submissions of literary poetry and short stories throughout the year.  Flash/short-shorts are happily considered.  Usually, we don’t publish novel excerpts, but if you’ve got a whiz bang tight (and short) bit, you might give us a try.

Give us the voices of real people.  Use language and structure in ways that make us wake up.  Tell us something new, or tell us something ancient in a new way.

Poets, send up to 6 poems per year.

Short story writers, send one story per year, up to 4,000 words.

At this time, we acquire photos from people we know.  If you want us to know you and your photos, mail a sample to the editor, Brian Daldorph (see address below).

Send all submissions via SNAIL  MAIL ONLY to:

Brian Daldorph, Editor at Coal City Review, English Department, University of Kansas, Lawrence KS, 66045.  Include SASE for reply.

Publications for Coal City Press are by invitation only.